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Nippers is about learning new skills, gaining confidence and having fun in a safe beach environment. Nippers gain confidence by passing the 'tests' of swimming, board paddling, beach sprinting, dolphin-diving, spotting a rip and having fun with new friends.

2018/2019 SEASON

Sunday 4 November 2018 to Sunday 17 March 2019 (9am to 10.30am)

Moruya Nippers

Moruya Surf Life Saving Club runs an active Nipper’s program for children aged 5 to 14 years (inclusive).

At Moruya our focus is on educating and encouraging our nippers to gain confidence, respect and enjoyment for the beach environment. Skills are taught, practiced and assessed according to the age and ability of your child’s allocated group.

Children learn best when they are having fun, so while they are learning potentially ‘lifesaving’ skills they are also enjoying the teamwork and fun activities led by their age manager/s. Nippers is usually held at Dolphin Beach – our surf club beach. However, depending on conditions we may head over to Shelley Beach or on the river at North Heads.

As long as your child has turned 5 before 1 October, they can participate in water confidence, beach activities and occasionally joining in with the older kids to run relays and practice the ‘march past’, a traditional part of Surf Life Saving.

Below is the age groups that members will be in for the 2018/19 season. These age groups are determined as at midnight on 30 September 2018.

Birthdate between these dates Age group 
1 October 2012 - 30 September 2013 U/6
1 October 2011 - 30 September 2012 U/7
1 October 2010 - 30 September 2011 U/8
1 October 2009 - 30 September 2010 U/9
1 October 2008 - 30 September 2009 U/10
1 October 2007 - 30 September 2008 U/11
1 October 2006 - 30 September 2007 U/12
1 October 2005 - 30 September 2006 U/13
1 October 2004 - 30 September 2005 U/14

Club competition commences with the Under 8’s age group. This enables your child to participate in Far South Coast Branch carnivals and events - from Batemans Bay to Pambula. 

The 2018/19 season Branch nipper carnivals and events are:

  • 2 December 2018 – Bermagui Carnival
  • 27 January 2019 – Bermagui – training day
  • 24 March 2019 – Tathra Carnival
  • 14 April 2019 – Broulee - Branch Championships

Each nipper has a ‘passbook’ that follows them through their nipper years. At the end of each season the age manager checks their competency and they will receive a Surf Safety certificate. By the time each child completes Nippers they should feel confident to progress to a qualified lifesaver by gaining their Bronze Medallion. Or, at least, they will understand surf safety enough to avoid danger, save their own life or someone else’s.

We appreciate parental involvement on the morning in any capacity either on the beach or in the water (if you feel able). Your kids will love having you involved, and you will enjoy it too!

Being involved in a community organisation gives our children (and ourselves) a sense of ‘belonging’, The surf club offers a healthy, active environment as well as many, many opportunities for travel, officiating, competing and even employment. Once a lifesaver, always a lifesaver!

For more information about Nippers, please call Amanda on 0435 934 877 or email

Moruya Nippers

REGISTRATION and Pool Swim Competency DAY:

Saturday 20 October 2018 at 10:00am at Moruya Swimming Pool.

Nippers must complete a pool competency swim before they can participate at the beach.

Pool swim competency requirements:

  • Under 8 - 25 m swim* and 1-minute survival float
  • Under 9 - 25 m swim* and 1 minute survival float
  • Under 10 - 25 m swim* and 1.5 minute survival float
  • Under 11 - 50 m swim* and 2 minute survival float
  • Under 12 - 100 m swim* and 2 minute survival float
  • Under 13 - 150 m swim* and 3 minute survival float
  • Under 14 - 200 m swim* in less than 5 minutes and 3 minute survival float

* any recognised stroke

All nippers must wear a Moruya club cap and a pink vest. These can be purchased most Sunday mornings at Nippers or you can call Katrina on 0418 437 741 or email . Other Moruya uniform gear is also available for purchase.

Please make sure you are registered and have paid for the 2018’19 season before Nippers starts. At least one parent / guardian per family must also be registered as either a General or Active member.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: https://sls.com.au/join 

To view the Nippers Program for 2018/19, please click HERE

Special Nippers

Moruya Surf-lifesaving club is an inclusive and welcoming club, which provides facilities, equipment and volunteers to assist people access the beach who may have Additional Needs or disability.  To read more about Special Nippers, program please click HERE

A little bit about Moruya Surf Life Saving Club

Moruya Surf Life Saving Club has provided a safe swimming environment on Moruya beaches since 1932. Whilst active in all areas of competition, we are also strong supporters of our local community. The club patrols Moruya Beach from October-April each year.

Contact Us

(02) 4474 2674

Charles Moffitt Drive, MORUYA


Moruya Surf Life Saving Club, PO Box 15